A welcome message from Mrs. Simmons, our Headteacher at The Meadows

The Meadows Primary School is a vibrant and creative place to learn.

Daily we aim to ensure that children enjoy coming to The Meadows and that they develop a love for learning that will continue throughout their lives.

In partnership with families, we endeavour to help them become happy, secure, confident and successful young people who believe in themselves and are caring and thoughtful in their relationships with others.

We recognise that it is important not only that our children should achieve their full academic potential, but also that they should develop their skills and talents in art, music and sport.

The children at The Meadows receive a superb education which reflects the hard work and dedication of all staff members. 

We are privileged to work in such an exciting environment and with such wonderful children.

We are very proud of our school!


Mrs J. Simmons

Welcome to The Meadows!

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