Our School Councillors

Introducing our school council 2021-22! Here is our school council charter:

We have a right to be listened to. We will listen to others.

We have a right to feel safe. We will help others feel safe and happy.

We have a right to share our ideas. We will listen to others and think carefully.

We have the right to friendship. We will be helpful and kind to others.

We have the right to be respected. We will always respect the ideas, feelings and thoughts of others. 

Our Comments 

Our school councillors have learned about what it means to work with others as part of a team. They were asked to share their thoughts about their role in school. Here are some of the things they said. 

Our Work

We have elected school councillors from each of our classes this term. Our job is to work together to help our school be the best it can be. We work with the teachers and senior leaders to share our ideas and ask them questions. They ask us to help them by talking to our classes about important issues.

We meet each week and take notes so that we are able to remember the jobs we have to do! We want to make sure that everyone is listened to and that everyone feels safe at The Meadows. 

Here we are planting new trees in our school grounds. 


Autumn Term 2021

We continue to focus on making our school a welcoming and friendly place to belong. We have worked together to on these projects this term:

  • Helping everyone to think about their mental wellbeing. We have promoted 'Five to Thrive' and created posters to remind us to take care of ourselves and each other. 
  • Planning fundraising for charity
  • Sharing the story of Remembrance Day and selling poppies.

Working Together

We love to work together as a team! Our peer mediators in Upper Key Stage 2 are trained to help children resolve conflicts and to support positive play. Young Leaders also lead group games during lunch breaks. Our Mini Police team members work with our local police community support officer to promote positive behaviour and safety in our school community.