Our Team

We have a large staff team and we work together to provide a warm and nurturing environment. We strive to provide the best possible education for our children.

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs J. Simmons

Deputy Headteacher: Mr A. Bell

Assistant Headteacher: Mr T. Hill

School Business Manager: Mrs D. Fenton

Lead Teaching Assistant/SEND: Mrs N. Richardson

Teaching Staff

Little Learners

  • Mrs K. Cassey- Manager
  • Mrs C. Bayliss - Assistant Manager


  • Mrs G. Ison (Caterpillars)
  • Mrs D. Nicholson (Caterpillars)                           
  • Mrs C. Jones (Butterflies)

Year 1

  • Mrs N. Marlow (The Hedgehogs)
  • Mr B. Broxholme (The Rabbits)

Year 2

  • Mrs E. Swan (The Lambs)
  • Mr T. Hill (The Llamas)

Year 3

  • Miss N. Grundy (The Daisies)
  • Mrs A. Beel (The Poppies)

Year 4

  • Mrs S. Manktelow (The Buttercups)
  • Mrs E. Whaler (The Sunflowers)

Year 5

  • Mrs A. McNeil (The Robins)
  • Miss C. Brock-Taylor (The Magpies)

Year 6

  • Miss C. Spink (The Owls)
  • Mr H. Benson (The Eagles)

Additional Teaching Staff

  • Mrs K. Oliver 
  • Mrs S. Ahmed
  • Mr E. Linton
  • Mrs S. Kelman

Teaching Assistants and 1:1 staff

  • Miss D. Sylvester
  • Mrs S. Mitchell
  • Miss S. Foster
  • Mrs S. Baker
  • Mrs J. Newton
  • Mrs K. Dunk
  • Mrs S. Holden
  • Miss L. Swain
  • Mrs A. Chambers
  • Miss J. Copland
  • Mrs A. Robinson
  • Mrs N. Coe
  • Mrs G. Collingwood
  • Mrs T. Wilson
  • Miss M. Richardson
  • Mrs K. Kosmala
  • Mr D. Rear
  • Mrs L. Wray
  • Mrs N. Tear
  • Miss H. Hubbard
  • Miss L. Baker
  • Mrs M. Cullen
  • Miss R. Richardson
  • Miss E. Sprought
  • Miss O. Stewart
  • Mr D. Titmus

School Business Manager

  •  Mrs D. Fenton

SENDCO Assistant

  • Mrs N. Richardson

Nurture Team

  • Mrs T. Suddaby
  • Mrs K. Britten
  • Miss C. Gray (Family Support Worker)
  • Mr J. Barker (JB Counselling)

Administrative Assistants

  • Mrs J. Sampson 
  • Mrs H. Smith
  • Mrs K. Ray


  • Mr M. Ashton
  • Mrs A. Robinson
  • Mrs P. Beadle
  • Garner Property Services

Midday Supervisors and Playworkers

  • Ms J. Lockyer
  • Mrs R. Sheridan
  • Mrs A. Robinson
  • Mrs C. O'Hara
  • Mrs J. Baldwin
  • Miss H. Patten
  • Miss S. Clark