Welcome to The Meadows!

Our School Values

We focus on one of our school values each term, and take time to think about how we can show this value in our work and play. We also complete challenges at home, and this helps us to share our values with our families. June's value is determination. 

Values also feature in some of our assemblies, which will take place in classes during the spring term. 

Our New Trees

We are working together to improve our school grounds this term. We have planted many new trees and the school councillors have helped to organise this. Deer protectors have been added to keep our trees safe as they grow. We have planted a variety of trees:

2x Osier Willow            5x Field Maple          6x Rowan         

2x Golden Willow         6x Birch                     8x Hazel

2x Wild Cherry

Our Playground Zones 

Take a look at our four playground zones! This video shows you how our outdoor area is organised to enable us to play in our year group bubbles now that we are back in school during the spring term. 

Online Safety for Parents 

This presentation for parents and carers, by Dan Hawbrook of the Lincolnshire Stay Safe Partnership, answers many questions about online safety for children. 

Top Tips for Wellbeing 

Dr. Alex George is the Youth Mental Health Ambassador, and here he shares 5 top tips for wellbeing as we begin half-term. 

Virtual School Library

The virtual school library is a new initiative that gives children free access to books each week. It is provided by the Oak National Academy and the National Literacy Trust. Here is the link to access this new resource. 

External Link Icon Virtual School Library
Oak National Academy

Seesaw Home Learning

We are producing some super, creative work using Seesaw this term! 

Seesaw is an online learning platform that enables children to complete set activities, upload their learning and respond to messages from staff. It is used for homework activities, and has also been used for home learning during lockdown. Interactive lessons and resources are uploaded and shared using Seesaw. If you have any questions, or require any support, please do not hesitate to contact us at school.

File icon: pdf SeeSaw Picture Instructions.pdf [pdf 136KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Seesaw Presentation January 2021.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download

Wellbeing Resources

Below you will find some resources that may be helpful to you and your families during these challenging times. Some of the activities are used in school to support children who are feeling anxious or struggling with managing their emotions. Please do not hesitate to contact us in school if you have any questions. 

You may like to visit our wellbeing page by clicking here: 



File icon: pdf Coping With Anxiety Workbook.pdf [pdf 7MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf 20+ calming exercises.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download

Virtual Maths Manipulatives

We use a range of practical resources in the teaching of maths, and you can learn more about our approach to teaching by following this link:  http://www.themeadows.lincs.sch.uk/classes_and_learning/our_curriculum___assessment/maths.html

While at home, counters, small toys and dried pasta can be used for counting and representing numbers. You can follow the link below to access a range of counting resources on screen. We use physical versions of all of these in school, so we hope that they will prove to be a useful addition to maths learning sessions at home. 

External Link Icon Virtual Manipulatives for Maths
On-screen representations of practical resources

Listen to a Story

We have a growing library of stories that you may wish you to use with your child when learning at home. Some of them are familiar to children and link to nurture themes, such as anxiety, what to do with worries and other feelings and emotions. Others are well-known stories that children enjoy. We hope you enjoy sharing them together!

You can find the stories here:


Remote Learning Update

As outlined above, Seesaw is used for home learning during school closures. 

'Home Learning' pages in each of our key stage sections of the website can be accessed by clicking on 'Classes and Learning'. Each one contains learning grids of activities, helpful documents and many links to useful websites. Oak National Academy gives families across the UK access to daily lessons in all curricular subjects. BBC Bitesize also offers lessons across the curriculum. Both of these are accessible using links on the 'Home Learning' pages. 

File icon: pdf SeeSaw Picture Instructions.pdf [pdf 136KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Remote Learning Plan 2020-21.pdf [pdf 151KB] Click to download

Anti-Bullying Week 2020

During the autumn term, we promoted Anti-Bullying Week in school. In each year group, children learned how to work together to make our school a safe and happy place by participating in assemblies and other activities.