Years 5 and 6

Summer 2018 Big Picture Learning Theme: World at War

Welcome to Upper Key Stage Two! Our classes are Owls, Kestrels, Eagles and Kites. We are journeying into the past this term and using enquiry to find out what life was like for people in the UK during the Second World War. We will be learning about the changes that took place and how they affected ordinary people like us! 

At our Practice with Pizza evening, when Year 6 children and their families joined us for a chance to learn practise maths, grammar and reading skills together - along with something to eat! Our Breakfast Maths sessions will continue this term, as we work together to achieve greater confidence in mental calculations and strategies.

By accessing the link below, you can view our plans for the term ahead. 

Learning Together

We enjoy learning together and we spend time reviewing our work, thinking about our next steps and trying hard to achieve our very best. 

Learning is Fun!

This term, we have enjoyed many opportunities to learn interesting, new and exciting things! In Year 6, we are learning how to play musical instruments and read music. We like to challenge ourselves by solving mathematical problems together, and are very proud of the standard of writing we are achieving after being inspired by the novel Dragonkeeper. Our pictures here show some of these activities in action!