Years 5 and 6

Big Picture Learning Theme: The Final Frontier

Welcome to Upper Key Stage Two! Our classes are Owls, Kestrels, Eagles and Kites.We are journeying into space this term and being inspired by explorations of new worlds! In science, we will be learning about the movement of the Earth and the position of the Sun and Moon, and using stories and documentaries to imagine what travelling to Mars might be like! 

Learning Together: Spring Term 2018

We enjoy learning together! Why not take a look at some of our pictures?

Sharing our Learning: Autumn Term

Our sharing of learning events in November were a great success and we enjoyed welcoming a large number of families into school to watch our dance presentation, complete quizzes about Ancient China, experience writing Chinese letters and view our artwork. A visiting teacher taught us about language and vocabulary, and we even learned took part in cookery activities. Our English and maths learning has been linked to this theme, too. 

Learning is Fun!

This term, we have enjoyed many opportunities to learn interesting, new and exciting things! In Year 6, we are learning how to play musical instruments and read music. We like to challenge ourselves by solving mathematical problems together, and are very proud of the standard of writing we are achieving after being inspired by the novel Dragonkeeper. Our pictures here show some of these activities in action!

Our Christmas Performance: Scrooge - A Ghost of a Chance

It has been fun sharing the story of Scrooge this year, and remembering how important it is to be generous and kind to others. We enjoyed presenting our performance to our families and friends.