Super Scientists!

At The Meadows, we love finding out about the world around us, and developing science skills is an important part of our curriculum. Each term, our science learning is often linked to our overall themes, and we hope you enjoy looking at some of our most recent activities. We features some of the highlights of each term here!

Futures Festival at the University of Lincoln

Some of our super scientists had an opportunity to visit the Futures festival at the University of Lincoln this term. We met robots and learned about space. It was a fantastic experience!

Explorations and Discoveries

We were amazed to see all the different parts of the sunflower! We looked closely, using magnifying glasses, and talked about what we discovered. We also explored the mud and watched what happened when we added water to it. We had fun in our wellies! Look at the amazing structures we built to find out about the way water moves. 

The Digestive System

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the food you eat? We asked lots of questions about how the human body works, and we learned about the digestive system. Our exciting investigations helped us to understand, and we used our findings to answer our questions. It was great fun!