Learning that Inspires

Creative Development

At The Meadows, children are encouraged to use their own imagination and ideas to facilitate learning through a range of creative approaches in art and design & technology. Knowledge and associated skills are taught, which can then be applied across the curriculum in a range of contexts. Planning, creating, performing and evaluating are key parts of creative learning. Children study famous artists from different creative genres and learn specific knowledge about people, art movements and key terminology.

Our Creative Achievements

We are very proud to have achieved Artsmark Silver this year. This awards recognises a school's commitment to providing creative experiences and giving children opportunities to particpate in art and culture events. 

Physical Development

Both fine (eg cutting, mouse control) and gross (throwing, balancing) motor skills are developed in this area of learning. PE and sports lessons teach the knowledge of control and effective use of the body, body strengths and limitations. The children are taught how to lead a healthy lifestyle and develop an understanding of safety issues in relation to PE. Competitive sport is also encouraged where appropriate. Physical development includes sport, swimming, gymnastics and dance.

Our PE and Sport Achievements

We are very proud to have achieved the Sainsbury's School Games Gold award for our commitment to sport and PE in school. For more information about the opportunities provided for children, please see the 'PE and Sport' page of our website. 

Religious Education

Religious education has the same importance in the curriculum as other subjects. It is based on Christian principles as well as introducing and extending the children’s knowledge of other world religions and beliefs. The Governors have agreed that, in accordance with the law, withdrawal from collective worship, i.e. school assemblies and religious education lessons should only take place as a result of a request by a child's parents and for this to take place only after we have had an opportunity to discuss the reasons with the parents concerned.

Personal Development

Learning opportunities encourage children to explore the diversity of our community, the local area and the world around them, learning from and about different cultures and religions. They examine the part they play in all levels of society and develop cooperation and collaboration skills, demonstrating tolerance and an ability to manage their own feelings. Through this we hope to develop an individual’s self esteem and confidence in order to play a responsible role within the family, school, community and beyond.

Sex and Relationships 

Sex and Relationships education is taught in a developmental way within the school’s personal, social and health education programme. We aim to provide children with the knowledge and skills to cope as they experience their own emotional and physical changes. Questions are answered honestly and sensitively.

In Year 5 during the summer term, the pupils work focuses on body changes and puberty. In Year 6, this work is revised and the basic understanding of the science of reproduction covered.