Learning about the past is the starting point for our learning in the autumn term, as history leads the way in our 'Discover' theme. Children learn about key events in Britain's history, and significant turning points and changes in other nations. By developing a sense of chronology, links are made between key areas of learning and displayed on our timeline so that children can make connections between them. They learn to work with sources, ask and answer questions, consider points of view and find that our knowledge about the past can help us to understand our world better. 


Geography leads our learning through the spring , which is our 'explore' term. Children develop an understanding of some of the features of the physical and human features of our islands, and then they compare them in more detail with locations in Europe and North and South America. They learn to identify the wider world by using a range of maps and reference materials. Much of our learning is focused around developing an understanding of our place in the world, and fostering a sense of responsibility for our planet. A sample of this year's plans can be accessed below: