Years 3/4 - Our Autumn 2018 Big Picture question:

Where do life-changing ideas come from?

Welcome to our Years 3 and 4 classes! Our class names are Beetles (Y3), Grasshoppers (Y3), Ants (Y4) and Dragonflies (Y4). Our learning always starts with a big question, and we will focus on some exciting inventions that have changed human history! In particular, we will be learning about the invention of the train and the coming of the railways. We are planning some interesting, memorable experiences to enhance our learning. We will conclude our term with a 'Big Picture' sharing event, and this is an opportunity to share our learning with an audience. 

Autumn is our 'Discovery' term! Historical skills and understanding are our starting points, and other subjects link to our theme wherever possible. Our Knowledge Organisers, which you can access below, give an overview of the specific curriculum content children will cover this term. 


Learning Together

We have enjoyed a super start to the new school year!